Registration Dates and Times at SBES

May 26, 2023

July 20 & August 3 – office opens for registration 9am-3pm daily
August 4 – office registration 9am-12pm – office closes at 12:00pm
August 7 – office registration 1pm-3pm (first day of school & a half day for students)
August 8 – office registration 9am-3pm (no students on this day)
August 9 – office registration 9am-9:45am (no students on this day)- office closes at 9:45am
August 10 – office registration 10am-2pm (first full day of school)

Going forward past August 10th, on regular school days, registration is only taken from 10am-2pm.

Please note that online registration is only partial registration.  Full registration in the school requires bringing documents (name and noted in online registration) to the school office.